PT. Cakra Medika Utama was established in 2007. It started its first activities under the name of Thermalindo Jaya in 1998, the year when Indonesia was hit hard by financial crisis. The crisis then seen as an opportunity by the Company's founder.The company started its business by providing all consumable products needed by clinical laboratories. Today, PT. Cakra Medika Utama has 3 (three) main divisions in its business: In-vitro diagnostics

In IVD division, our products range from all consumable, immuno-serology (Point of Care Testing), Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Urine, Glucose testing, Rapid Test Kits (Drugs and infectious disease), as well as Cervical Cancer test.

Providing most of medical consumables.

This division offers high-quality sutures, produced by well-known Meril Endo-Surgery with its ultra modern manufacturing facility.

Currently, we are the exclusive distributor of 13 principals for indonesia market and we are operating nation wide.PT. Cakra Medika Utama is operating under the philosophy to provide good quality products with competitive price and reliable after sales services. Such philosophy is based on the fact that majority of Indonesian population is still not provided with affordable health care service. We want to contribute to the society by providing affordable health care products.






PT.Cakra Medika Utama
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